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Employment Law

Employment law is constantly changing. Businesses now more than ever before need employment strategies that result in productive, cost-effective practices.


Business owners retain us to act as their “outsourced in-house counsel” so when a legal issue arises, they know who they can turn to and count on.


Lawsuits arise in every type of business.  If your business is faced with a lawsuit, we can help defend you and your business in an efficient and creative way.

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About us

We represent a diverse group of businesses and individuals throughout Southern California. As a smaller firm, we have the ability to facilitate close relationships with each client and are able to provide meaningful legal relationships, unlike many large firms. Founded by Cynthia Hackler, Esq., she brings her years of experience working in large law firms to aid in solving any situation with which you may need assistance, with a more personal touch. The Hackler Flynn and Associates Firm believes in working hard for every client, large or small. Each and every case that is served by us gets the attention to detail and care that it deserves. We always provide honest and carefully researched legal advice. We believe in delivering the best solutions for our clients combined with a more personalized relationship. Our firm is located in Los Angeles, the social, economic, political and business center of Southern California. Los Angeles also serves as the heart of diversity, where many cultures live, learn and grow together. As a focal point for Southern California area families and businesses, LA provides a location where our firm can easily provide service to all clients. Growth is the key to Los Angeles, and the Hackler Flynn and Associates Firm is here to accommodate all of the needs associated with that growth.

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