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The construction industry mirrors many of the same legal challenges as any business owner, such as issues relating to mergers and acquisitions, labor and employment, regulations, organizational structuring, licensing agreements, contracts, real estate and leases, trademark/branding, insurance and litigation.

Yet the construction industry also has its own unique workplace issues, mechanic’s liens, labor shortages and labor safety, construction defect claims as well as additional regulations not applicable to most other businesses, such as the contractor’s state licensing board.

Whether you are a single contractor or established in the construction field, the experienced legal team at Hackler Flynn & Associates can provide efficient and effective solutions to issues that arise from running the day to day operations in the construction industry. Our comprehensive counsel will keep you apprised of ever-changing industry regulations in order to keep operations running as fluid as possible. A top priority at Hackler Flynn & Associates is to focus on our clients’ best interests and bottom line concerns, so they can focus on generating more success.

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